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Our History

Westlake Dimex is proud to be an American manufacturer, producing recycled flexible PVC and TPE compounds to use in our own products and supply to other environmentally-friendly manufacturers. We blend innovation, expertise, and sustainability as an industry-leading manufacturer of superior quality consumer, contractor, and OEM products.

Dimex Founded

Dimex Corporation was founded in 1991.

Introduction of EdgePro® Professional Poly Landscape Edging

Introduction of EdgePro® Professional Poly Landscape Edging to landscape contractors, independent garden centers, and wholesale distributors. EdgePro® Professional Edging was taller and heavier than most professional-grade poly landscape edging products on the market, quickly gaining favor with contractors nationwide.

Introduction of Dimex™ Control Joints

Introduction of Dimex™ Control Joints to block manufacturers and independent building supply dealers for use in commercial building construction. Early success with smaller building supply dealers grabbed the attention of larger block manufacturers and wholesale masonry products distributors, who would work with Dimex in future years to supply control joints to contractors under their own private brands.


Committed to Responsible Manufacturing

Westlake Dimex is committed to manufacturing responsibly to reduce our environmental footprint. We are one of the largest recyclers of plastic scrap, saving tens of millions of pounds of material from entering landfills every year. With three decades of experience in manufacturing with recycled materials, Westlake Dimex has developed world-class capabilities for processing recycled materials into the highest-quality, consistent compounds for use in industry-leading products.


Westlake Dimex Headquarters


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