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Westlake Dimex Cord Protectors – provide the ultimate organization, safety, and protection of wires and cords for both indoor and outdoor areas around homes, offices, factories, job sites, and more. Made from specially formulated recycled materials that offer premium durability, these cord protectors are engineered to easily uncoil and lay flat within minutes.

Brand Series # Channels Length Width Height Color
Cable Man 6000 3 5′, 10′ 3″ 0.68 White, Black, Gray
Brand Series # # Channels Length Width Height Color
Line Boss 6100 1 5′, 10′ 3″ 0.438″ Black
Line Boss 6300 3 5′, 10′ 3.5″ 0.75″ Black
Line Boss 6400 3 5″, 10″ 3.25″ 1″ Black
Line Boss 6500 3 5′, 10′ 4.5″ 1″ Black

– How do I insert the cords?

To insert cords, cut along the built-in channel guides on the under side of the cord protector to open the cavities and feed wires or cables into the channels.

– Can I use this cord protector outdoors?

These cable protectors are designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. They are safe to use on any floor type, and can safely be driven over without damage to the cord protector or cables inside.


We stand by our product quality and are committed to the happiness of our customers. If you need assistance with a Westlake Dimex product, please contact our customer service team at 1-800-334-3776 or email us at Info@dimexcorp.com. Someone will reach out to you shortly.

Customer Service Hours:
Monday Thru Friday
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