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EdgePro® Marine Dock Edging P-Shape Profile – Commonly known as rub rail, our EdgePro Marine Dock Edging is manufactured from marine-grade flexible PVC for use on commercial docks. Our durable dock edging systems provide an effective protective buffer between boats and the edges of the dock that they come in contact with during docking. EdgePro Marine Dock Edging is colored all the way through, unlike competitive products that “skin coat” the top surface. This feature reduces the likelihood of any visual effects from scuffing or abrasion.

Item # # Chambers Style (P/D) Length Height Width Colors Box Quantity Crate Quantity MOQ
5000 2 P 10′ 3″ 1.675″ Black, White 14 pieces 20 boxes 1 box
5001 3 P 10′ 3.15″ 2″ Black, White, Gray 10 pieces 20 boxes 1 box
5002 3 P 10′ 3.5″ 2.3″ Black, White, Gray 8 pieces 20 boxes 1 box
5005 4 P 10′ 3.075″ 2.35″ Black, White, Gray 10 pieces 20 boxes 1 box
5006 4 P 10′ 3.65″ 1.825″ Black, White, Gray 6 pieces 20 boxes 1 box
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