PVC Chair Mats

Roll-N-Go Chair Mats – Keep your floors looking new with Roll-N-Go Chair Mats. Specially designed with a traditional lip to protect floors, this plastic mat is thoroughly tested and resistant to wear. The clear, smooth top surface allows for easy chair movement. Measuring 36 inches x 48 inches, this chair mat is perfect for mid-size and executive office chairs, with a 20 inch x 10 inch front lip extension. The corrugated clear plastic mat rolls quickly for easy storage and allows the beauty of your floors to show through.

Roll-N-Go Chair Mat Details: 

  • Gripper backing options for low and medium pile carpets
  • Smooth backing option for hard floors
  • Wear tested for durability and resistance to cracking
  • Rectangular shape with rounded corners and front lip extension
  • Manufactured in the USA

Choose the Right Mat for Your Floor

Is your floor carpet or hard surface?

Chair mats for carpet are designed with a “gripper” backing that holds the mat in place. Hard floor mats are smooth or lightly textured on the underside to avoid damage to hard floor surfaces. Never use a “gripper” backed mat directly on hard floors or on an area rug over a hard floor surface.

What is your carpet pile depth?

Understanding your carpet pile depth is critically important to the performance of your chair mat. To determine the thickness of your carpet pile, place a penny on it’s edge down in the carpet pile (like measuring a tire tread). Example: If Lincoln’s chin is above the carpet pile, your carpet is 1/4″ or less.







Floor Type

Lip Dimension



Traditional Lip




Hard Floor

20″ W x 10″ L



– How do I prevent my office chair wheels from denting or cracking the mat?

The best way to assure your mat won’t dent under the chair wheels is to buy the right mat for the height of your carpet. For carpet measuring approx. .25″, you should purchase a low-pile chair mat. For carpet measuring approx. .375″, you should purchase a medium pile chair mat. We also offer chair mats designed specifcally for hard floors, that will not funtion properly on carpet.

– What is the best way to get the chair mat to flatten out after arrival?

After you have taken the rolled chair mat out of the box, we recommend letting the mat heat in the sun or a warm room to relax the plastic. Once it is warmed, lay flat and place books over the surface. This should allow the mat to relax completely and flatten over a period of 24-48 hours.


Roll-N-Go Chair Mats have a 1-year limited warranty against failure due to manufacturing defects. Warranty is limited to replacement of the defective mat only. 

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