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2-in-1 Landscape Edging

EasyFlex 2-in-1 Landscape Edging – This edging allows you to get clean and professional-looking edging for lawns, gardens, tree rings, and flower beds in a single afternoon. This customizable edging allows you to select which border style to use for your DIY landscape project. Use the flat, straight edge for a traditional look, or the scalloped edge for a decorative look. Also choose whether you prefer your black, or mulch brown colored edging to have a wood grain texture or a smooth edging wall. Either way, your garden or flower bed will have a clean edge to provide a barrier between your plants and grass or weeds.

  • Fast and easy installation
  • Choose the wood grain textured side for a decorative look or smooth side for a traditional look
  • Easily makes curves and straight sections in DIY landscaping projects
  • Made of flexible & durable recycled plastic
  • Suitable for all soil types
  • U.S. Patents No. D733,936; D748,822; D748,823; D773,074; D800,352; U.S. Patent Pending; Canadian Patents No. 154108 & 159149; Canadian Patent Pending
PRODUCT INFORMATION: 2-in-1 Landscape Edging
Series # Height Thickness Length Options Color Options Texture
2-in-1 3310/3311 4.5″ 0.125″ 20′, 30′ Black, Brown, Red Smooth or Woodgrain

– How do you connect separate pieces together?

The included anchoring stakes will help you adjoin edging pieces. Overlap the ends of each edging piece at least 3 inches. Place a stake in the middle of the overlapped area, positioned so that the head of the stake hooks over both pieces of edging and hammer into the ground.

– During installation, how far into the ground should the edging be installed?

After scoring the ground in the desired location, this edging should be placed about 2.5″ underground. This will help stabilize the edging and create a secure, long-lasting border.



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No digging required – easily cut to size using garden shears and install around planting beds, sidewalks, and patios.

Choose between a scallop or straight top, with your chosen side facing up during installation.

Create beautiful flower beds, tree rings, and garden borders in tight or curved designs.

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