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Tree Trunk Protector

EasyFlex Tree Trunk Protector – Give your trees and saplings the protection they need to flourish with EasyFlex Tree Trunk Protectors. Easily create customized protection for any tree in your landscape, whether using one trunk protector for a sapling, or joining multiple coils with extender tabs to protect larger trees. Made with 100% recycled plastic materials, this pack of trunk protectors is your environmentally friendly solution to guarding your trees from lawn equipment, rodents, and small pests. Engineered for optimum tree health, the slotted design allows for plenty of air flow, preventing bark rot and aiding in the growth and well-being of your trees. Grey plastic helps the EasyFlex Tree Trunk Protectors blend seamlessly with most bark colors, protecting your trees and saplings without taking away from nature's beauty.

Available In:
EasyFlex Tree Trunk Protector: 3, 6, 12, and 100 count

  • Easy to use
  • Vented design allows airflow to prevent bark rot
  • Slotted design with expansion tabs adjoin multiple protectors to fit small to medium trees
  • Taupe-gray color matches most young trees
  • Sturdy plastic prevents damage from string trimmers and general gardening abuse
  • Made of recycled materials In the USA

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Series # Height Thickness Width Color
Tree Guards 1131/1132 9″ 0.0625″ 12.5″ Taupe

– What is the inside diameter of this tree trunk protector?

The diamter of the shielding porting of the protector is 4 inches. These trunk protectors are designed to expand as the tree grows.

– Can you combine two tree trunk protectors together to cover a larger tree?

Yes, these protectors can be connected. The tab connection system allows two protectors to be joined together to accommodate larger trees. If you need something taller, these protectors can be stacked on top of each other for more height.


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