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EasyFlex® Marine Dock Edging P-Shape Profile – Commonly known as rub rail, our EasyFlex Marine Dock Edging features the same high-quality marine-grade flexible PVC formula that we use with commercial dock protection systems. We leveraged our decades of experience manufacturing dock edging for commercial docks to develop high-quality do-it-yourself products for recreational boat dock applications. Unlike competitive products that are “skin coated” on the top surface, EasyFlex Marine Dock Edging products are colored all the way through to inhibit scuffing and marring.

Available Options:

5000B Series – EasyFlex P-Profile Marine Dock Edging in Black

5000W Series – EasyFlex P-Profile Marine Dock Edging in White

The EasyFlex standard P-shape profile is designed for horizontal surfaces, typically attaching to the deck and fascia skirting areas. The dock edging is sold in coils and straight pieces, fit / cut to size for the installation area, and anchored to the dock or pier. The recommended installation is 1-1/4 inch deck screws or nails approximately 4 inches apart through the 90-degree top lip and bottom extension. Our deck edging will not crack, rot, or deteriorate when exposed to temperature extremes.

Commercial-Grade, DIY, Dock Protection: (P-shape profile design has a double cavity with a single rib to prevent edging from crushing under the pressure of heavy boats – keeping boats from scraping against sharp corners and dock edges)


  • Ledge top and flat back P-profile designed for horizontal installations. (See D-shape profile for vertical uses)
  • Protects recreational boats and docks from damaging impact
  • 100% Pigmented material vs. “skin coat” top surfaces used by competing products
  • Easy to install and cut to size
  • Sold in coiled and straight pieces
  • Manufactured in the USA using recycled materials
Item # # Chambers Style (P/D) Length Height Width Colors Use
5000 2 P 16′, 25′, 32′ 3″ 1.8″ White, Black, Gray Horizontal decks

– How do I install this edging around dock corners?

To make a corner with this edging, simply cut a 45-degree angle with a miter saw and adjoin the angles at the corner of the dock.

– Should this edging be used on an aluminum or wood dock?

This edging can be used on both wood and aluminum docks. For a wooden dock application, the edging should be applied with EasyFlex Galvanized Deck Screws. For an aluminum dock application, we do not recommend using the galvanized deck screws. Instead, we recommend using a fastening system that works with metal, such as bolts.


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