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Westlake Dimex Reprocessed Compounds

Quality, Consistency, Value… Discover the Westlake Dimex Difference

With over 30 years of experience, Westlake Dimex is one of the largest compounders of recycled plastic scrap, supplying recycled flexible PVC, TPE, and TPV compounds and blends to other environmentally-friendly manufacturers. Because we use our compounds in our own industrial and consumer products, we are uniquely positioned to not only understand our customers’ needs but to also provide the engineering, formulation, manufacturing, testing, and distribution capabilities to consistently meet those needs quickly and effectively. The cost, quality, and performance advantages of Dimex compounds allow our customers to differentiate themselves as leaders in their own markets.


Westlake Dimex manufactures recycled flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC) compounds in a variety of grades and durometers. With precise manufacturing and quality processes, our recycled flexible PVC compounds consistently meet the performance requirements of prime compounds. In addition to standard and custom recycled PVC compounds, we manufacture prime/recycled PVC blends to meet our customers’ cost and green initiatives.


Our standard and custom recycled thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compounds are manufactured and tested to be the highest quality recycled compounds in the industry, consistently meeting the performance requirements of prime compounds. Westlake Dimex recycled TPE compounds are available in a variety of grades and durometers to meet a wide range of applications. 


In addition to PVC and TPE materials, Westlake Dimex is the premier supplier of prime/recycled TPV,
TPU, TPO, and PE blends. With quality and consistency, we create superior TPV, TPU, TPO, and PE
compounds from top-quality materials. Regardless of the blend, we are fully confident in manufacturing
compounds that meet our customer’s quality and performance specifications.

Westlake Dimex Is Your Compounding Partner

We partner with customers to understand their unique compounding needs, delivering superior products, expertise, and service to make their manufacturing process easier.

Our customers value:

– Service-focused partnerships resulting in cost and time savings

– Consistent product quality they can trust

– Environmentally friendly processes and product


We Are Our Biggest Reprocessed Compound Customer

Nobody understands your compounding needs better.

For over 30 years, we have used our reprocessed compounds to manufacture our own superior-quality products for the landscaping, home matting, industrial matting, marine, and masonry industries, resulting in our current category leadership positions at Home Depot, Walmart, and Amazon. Our continued success in these categories speaks to our state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, formulation knowledge, and ingenuity. We are proud to share these benefits with our customers.

High-performing reprocessed compounds allow for top-quality extrusions.
Our compounds offer consistent quality and performance.
Category leadership in multiple industries made possible by compound versatility.

Our Versatile Compounds = Endless Possibilities

From gasket and seal manufacturers to footwear manufacturers and everything in between, Westlake Dimex customers trust our high-quality reprocessed compounds to improve their current products and to inspire new ones.

Proven track record of product application success:


• Gaskets/Seals

• Flooring

• Footwear

• Hose & Tube

• Belting

• Pipe Fittings

• Sound Deadening

• Roofing

• Safety Equipment

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