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Get clean and professional landscape and paver installations with our EdgePro Landscape and Paver Edging Accessories – the perfect tools to secure any edging project. Made from recycled materials, anchoring accessories will not rust or deteriorate – keeping your edging looking fresh and defined. Our steel landscape spikes and stakes are intended to corrode over time to keep spikes and stakes in the ground and reduce movement due to frost heave.

All EdgePro anchoring accessories should be used for the appropriate edging project - landscape or hardscape. For assistance on which anchoring accessory best fits your installation project, please contact us at

Item # Height Case Count MOQ
Steel Round Spike Spike 10BR 10″ 150 1 case
Steel Spiral Spike Spike 10BS 10″ 250 1 case
Steel Stake 1900 9.5″ 60 1 case
Steel Stake 1901 9.5″ 100 1 case
Nylon Spiral Spike Spike 8NS 8″ 144 1 case
Knurled Connector 1902 7.5″ 25 1 case
Stake Kit (Stake, Connector) 1903 9.5″/7.5″ 50 kits (4 stakes & 1 connector/kit) 1 case
90-Degree Corner Connector 1915 5.5″ 25 1 case

EdgePro® Landscape Edging products are guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects and will not crack, rot, or deteriorate due to UV exposure or severe weather conditions.

We stand by our product quality and are committed to the happiness of our customers. If you need assistance with a Westlake Dimex product, please contact our customer service team at 1-800-334-3776 or email us at Someone will reach out to you shortly.

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