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Locking Tree Ties

EasyFlex Multi-Use Chain Lock Tree Ties – Designed for use in the garden and around the house. Attach support stakes to trees, hold plants to trellises, arbors, lattice, or other structures. Secure tomato plants to stakes and grapevines to support wires. Perfect to use around the house to bundle wires, cords, hoses, and extension cords. Multi-Use Chain Lock Tree Ties are lightweight and highly flexible. The recycled materials contain UV inhibitors to prevent deterioration from exposure to the sun. Multi-Use coils are easier to cut and install versus traditional wire ties. The specially designed dispenser carton is easy and efficient to simply pull out what you need and cut to use. Easy to install, the keyhole design only requires a twist to lock.


Available In:
EasyFlex Multi-Use Tree Tie: 100ft. lengths

  • Multi-purpose chain lock
  • UV inhibitors prevent deterioration from sun exposure
  • Attach support stakes to trees and climbing plants to trellises, arbors and lattice
  • Holds tomato plants to stakes and grapevines to support wires, great for bundling cords and hoses
  • Easily cut with scissors or clippers
  • Made in the USA from recycled materials

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Series # Height Thickness Length Options Color Options
Tree Ties 1150/1151 0.5″ 0.06″ 100′ Black
1152 1″ 0.06″ 100′ Black

– Can these ties be used to hold up vegetable/fruit plants?

Other than trees, these ties are also designed to hold plants to trellises and secure fruits and vegatables such as tomato plants and grapevines.

– What is the difference between the .5″ and 1″ coil heights?

The .5″ coils are designed for staking trees of 2″ caliper or less. They are also designed for securing plants to trellises, lattices, or other structures. The 1″ coils are deisgned for use with trees larger than 2″ caliper. They can also be used to support larger coils, cords, and hoses.



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