Corrugated Vinyl Runner Matting 

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Corrugated Vinyl Runner Matting – Offers superior form and function for heavy-duty applications, including floor protection, slip resistance and traction, comfort, and more. Meeting FMVSS 302 flammability requirements, our vinyl runner matting is oil, grease, and chemical resistant and is manufactured with eco-friendly materials. Custom colors, gauges, widths, and lengths are available, and our customers receive one continuous roll with our single-piece roll guarantee.

Corrugated vinyl runner matting is designed with an angular tooth top pattern and a textured back. Protects floors, reduces slips and falls, and provides a silencing effect.

Corrugated Runner Matting
• Oil, grease, and chemical resistant
• Single piece roll guarantee
• Meets the requirements of FMVSS 302
• Custom colors, gauges, widths, lengths available

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Dimex Part No. Color/Finish Thickness Width Length Weight
3V-018-24-75 Black 1/8″ 24″ 75′ 100
3V-018-24-105 Black 1/8″ 24″ 105′ 140
3V-018-24-150 Black 1/8″ 24″ 150′ 200
3V-018-36-75 Black 1/8″ 36″ 75′ 150
3V-018-36-105 Black 1/8″ 36″ 105′ 210
3V-018-36-150 Black 1/8″ 36″ 150′ 300
3V-018-48-75 Black 1/8″ 48″ 75′ 195
3V-018-48-105 Black 1/8″ 48″ 105′ 280
3V-018-48-150 Black 1/8″ 48″ 150′ 390



Dimex Part No. Color/Finish Thickness Width Length Weight
3V-014-24-75 Black 1/4″ 24″ 75′ 240
3V-014-36-75 Black 1/4″ 36″ 75′ 350
3V-014-48-75 Black 1/4″ 48″ 75′ 470
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