Sustainable Manufacturing Practices

At Westlake Dimex, sustainability is not a fad. It has been at the forefront of our business model since the very beginning. 

For over 30 years, environmentally responsible manufacturing has been our mission. As one of the largest manufacturers of recycled plastic scrap, we save tens of millions of pounds of material from entering landfills every year by taking that plastic scrap and using it in our own products or selling it to other sustainably-minded manufacturers.

For the majority of our industry-leading products, the entire product lifecycle is environmentally friendly. During the manufacturing process, the product is made with recycled plastic, placed in its corresponding packaging, and shipped to one of our retailers. Once the product has made it in-store or online and gets into the hands of a customer, the empty packaging can then be recycled itself once the product inside has been used.

While we consume a great amount of our recycled compounds, we also operate as a toller of recycled products for other manufacturers. Our complete service model provides recycling services which range from material collection, processing and repelletizing, then packaging and shipping to customers worldwide.

With 3 decades of experience, Westlake Dimex is committed to reducing our environmental footprint in every way possible.


“Westlake Dimex is committed to being a responsible manufacturer of recycled compounds and products. Not only do we produce recycled compounds for other sustainably minded manufacturers, but we also use the same compounds to produce commercial and retail products in the landscape and matting markets, knowing our customers value sustainability, it was important to us ton authenticate our use of recycled content through an independent third-party certification process. GreenCircle’s Recycled Content certifications validate our sustainability efforts and emphasize our green initiatives, reinforcing the trust we’ve built through our family of brands including EdgePro, EasyFlex, GrillTex, MotionTex, ClimaTex, and VersaTex.”

Andy Antil – General Manager, Westlake Dimex

Corporate Sustainability  

In addition to our manufacturing processes and external products, Westlake Dimex is committed to internal sustainability, as well. Some of the green initiatives within our corporate offices include:

  • Reducing the amount of paper usage within our offices
    – Switching to electronic versions when at all possible
  • Installing an on-site recycling program for all employees
    –  Can recycle paper, water bottles, and other personal scraps
  • Reducing the use of paper instruction sheets inside our packaging
    – Switching to QR codes on packaging that link to a digital instruction sheet
  • Using packaging that can be recycled by the customer after the product inside has been used
  • Annual Westlake Day of Service
    –  Employees participate in a yearly service project by cleaning up landscape and garden areas in our community

We Are GreenCircle Certified

As a long-time manufacturer of recycled plastic materials, it is important to us to continually reinforce our commitment to environmentally friendly manufacturing. Westlake Dimex is proud to work with GreenCircle to certify our products are made from recycled content. These certifications will be proudly displayed on our packaging, as well as on as part of their Climate Pledge Friendly initiative to convey our sustainable manufacturing practices to customers.

Who is GreenCircle? GreenCircle is an internationally recognized third-party certification entity that sets the standard for accuracy and accountability regarding products made from recycled content.

Westlake Dimex is thrilled to have achieved 9 Recycled Content certifications. To learn more, click here.

Each of our certifications can be viewed below:

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