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Grill Mats

GrillTex Under Grill Mats – Keep patios, decks, and garage floors looking new with our GrillTex Under Grill Mats. These mats offer a heat-resistant barrier that prevents sauce, grease, and oil from damaging the surface beneath the grill. Made from recycled rubber, our under the grill mats are a durable and attractive solution for the mess of grilling.

Whether you’re making a quick meal or preparing for a neighborhood barbecue, place a GrillTex Under Grill mat under your outdoor grill for easy clean up and to protect your concrete, wood, and other surfaces from any spills or splatters. Heat resistant up to 400° Fahrenheit, this protective mat is ideal for use under most traditional gas grills.

Made with recycled synthetic rubber, this mat won’t stain the surface underneath and stays put under your grill to provide a protective barrier against grease, embers, oils, and sauces. For simple clean-up, rinse with soap and water or a garden hose.

Available in Pebble and Diamond Plate textures.

27” Round
33” Round
30” x 48” 
36” x 50”
36” x 56”
36” x 63”

Black Diamond Plate:
33” Round
30” x 48”
36” x 56”
36” x 63”

Gray Diamond Plate:
33” Round
30” x 48”
36” x 63”

Item # Texture Size Thickness Color Material
9M-110-27-2.3 Pebbled 27″ Round 0.11 Black TPE
9M-110-33-2.8 Pebbled 33″ Round 0.11 Black TPE
9M-110-30-4 Pebbled 30″ x 48″  0.11 Black TPE
9M-110-36-4 Pebbled 36″ x 48″ 0.11 Black TPE
9M-110-36-4.2 Pebbled 36″ x 50″ 0.11 Black TPE
9M-110-36-4.7 Pebbled 36″ x 56″ 0.11 Black TPE
9M-110-36-5.3 Pebbled 36″ x 63″ 0.11 Black TPE
8D-075-30-4 Diamond Plate 30″ x 48″ 0.075 Black PVC
8D-075-33-2.8 Diamond Plate 33″ Round 0.075 Black PVC
8D-075-36-5.3 Diamond Plate 36″ x 63″ 0.075 Black PVC
8GD-075-30-4 Diamond Plate 30″ x 48″ 0.075 Gray PVC
8GD-075-33-2.8 Diamond Plate 33″ Round 0.075 Gray PVC
8GD-075-36-5.3 Diamond Plate 36″ x 63″ 0.075 Gray PVC
8M-110-36-6 Pebbled 30″ x 60″  0.11 Black PVC

1 year limited manufacturer warranty against failure due to manufacturing defects, limited to replacement of the defective mat only. Please contact our customer service team for assistance.

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