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ClimaTex Indoor/Outdoor Mats – Get outstanding floor protection, slip resistance, collection of debris, and more with our ClimaTex Indoor/Outdoor runner and scraper mats. Our runner and scraper mats are attractive, durable, and made from recycled synthetic rubber materials.

Item # Texture Size Thickness Color Material
Runner 9A-110-27-4  Chevron 27″ x 48″ 0.11 Black TPE
Runner 9A-110-27-5  Chevron 27″ x 60″ 0.11 Black TPE
Runner 9A-110-27-6  Chevron 27″ x 72″ 0.11 Black TPE
Runner 9A-110-27-8  Chevron 27″ x 84″ 0.11 Black TPE
Runner 9A-110-27-10  Chevron 27″ x 120″ 0.11 Black TPE
Runner 9A-110-27-20  Chevron 27″ x 240″ 0.11 Black TPE
Scraper 9G-018-36-4 Corrugated 36″ x 48″ 0.125 Black TPE
Scraper 9G-018-36-5 Corrugated 36″ x 60″ 0.125 Black TPE
Scraper 9G-018-36-6 Corrugated 36″ x 72″ 0.125 Black TPE
Scraper 9G-018-36-8 Corrugated 36″ x 84″ 0.125 Black TPE
Scraper 9G-018-36-10 Corrugated 36″ x 120″ 0.125 Black TPE
Scraper 9G-018-36-20 Corrugated 36″ x 240″ 0.125 Black TPE

– Does this mat require an adhesive attached underneath to stick to the floor?

ClimaTex Runner/Scraper mats do not require any type of adhesive to stay in place. Made with a proprietary blend of rubber material, these commercial-grade mats are built to withstand heavy use and high-traffic areas without moving.

– Can these mats withstand being placed in the hot sun?

ClimaTex mats can withstand the hot sun. It may become slightly softer or more flexible if exposed to the hot sun for an extended period of time, but it will not melt or get sticky.


1 year limited manufacturer warranty against failure due to manufacturing defects, limited to replacement of the defective mat only. Please contact our customer service team for assistance.

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