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Aluminum Paver Edging

EasyFlex Aluminum Paver Edging – Made of heavy-duty construction-grade aluminum to support any paver project, EasyFlex Aluminum Landscape Edging offers professional-grade quality paver finishing. Engineered to provide lasting support, use aluminum paver edging to secure concrete, plastic, resin, composite, travertine, rubber, or brick pavers in your hardscape projects. Perfect to use in patio, walkway, or driveway applications. Ready to use as-is for straight lines and flexible enough to follow the most intricate curves without cutting - even at 90° angles.

Available In:
EasyFlex Aluminum Paver Edging: 24' kit, or 48' kit

  • Will not rust, crack, rot, or become brittle
  • Ideal for straight or curved paver and landscape designs
  • Can be bent to a 90° angle without cutting
  • Commercial grade aluminum

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

PRODUCT INFORMATION: Aluminum Paver Edging
Series # Height Thickness Length Options Color Options Texture
Aluminum Paver Edging 1856 1.6″ 0.18″ 24′, 48′ Silver Smooth

– Can this paver edging be bent to make a 90-degree angle?

Yes, this edging can be bent between tabs to a 90-degree angle without breaking. The edging is rigid, but flexible enough to make corners as needed. You may also form a corner by cutting the edging and installing the cut ends into the angle you need.

– What is the correct way for the edging to be installed, tabs facing inward or outward?

This paver edging can be installed one of two ways: 1) Anchoring tabs sitting under the pavers, with inside edging wall against pavers OR 2) Anchoring tabs facing away from the pavers, with outer edging wall against pavers.



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Create perfect corners in your paver design by connecting two pieces of aluminum edging at a 90 degree angle.

Provides heavy duty support for walkways, patios, and driveways without warping or rusting.

Easily cut to desired length with garden shears.

Step 1

Cut to desired length with a hand saw and place against paver design, tabs facing out.

Step 2

Hammer the included anchoring spikes through the slots along the edging to secure.

Step 3

Back-fill dirt or ground covering to the top of the edging.

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