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Aluminum Landscape Edging

EasyFlex Aluminum Landscape Edging – Unlike steel landscape edging products, EasyFlex Aluminum Landscape Edging is lighter, easier to bend for curves, and does not rust or corrode. The unique overlapping connection design eliminates the need for a separate connector. Simply slide the ends of the edging lengths together with an approximate 4” overlap. Aluminum edging is an ideal option in extremely hot climates or anywhere that a high-end professional look is desired, and is a permanent and virtually maintenance-free landscaping solution. Available in black, bronze, brown, or mill finishes.

  • Permanent and low maintenance
  • Ends slide together for easy installation
  • For landscape beds, gardens, tree rings, walkways, and pathways
  • Manufactured in the USA from recycled aluminum
Series # Height Thickness Length Options Color Options
Aluminum Edging 1806 4″ 0.187″ 24′, 48′ Black, Brown, Bronze, Green, Silver

– How do I create a 90-degree corner with this edging?

This edging is flexible enough to bend and curve as needed. To create a 90-degree angle, we recommed bending the edging around a 2×4 piece of wood or other solid object to achieve the desired angle.

– How small of a ring can I make with this edging?

To make a circle with this edging, we recommend joining two full pieces of edging together to make a ring no smaller than a 3.5 foot diameter. Trying to make a ring any smaller can cause damage to the finish and structure of the edging.



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Join multiple edging lengths for longer designs, or carefully trim edging for shorter projects.

Slide multiple lengths together with a 4 inch overlap for a quick and easy extension to your design.

Create beautiful raised flowers beds, tree rings, and garden borders in straight or curved designs.

Dig a trench along the length of your landscape area and place edging in your design.

Hammer the included anchoring spikes at 45 degree angles through the slots in the edging to secure.

Arrange ground covering on either side of the edging.

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