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Polycarbonate Chair Mats

Oculus Polycarbonate Chair Mats - The newest premium floor protectors for chairs from Westlake Dimex. Made of sturdy polycarbonate materials, these rectangular office chair mats are offered in a range of sizes to accommodate various office chair types. Oculus chair mats have a clarity that is superior to materials like vinyl, plastic, or plexiglass, which can carry a blue, yellow, or green tint. Our Oculus chair mats will protect your floors while showing off their beauty without casting a colored tint.

Oculus Polycarbonate Chair Mat Details: 

  • Easy glide smooth surface
  • Smooth backing won't harm floors
  • Wear tested for durability and resistance to cracking
  • Crystal clear floor mat
  • Durable and rigid material
  • Manufactured in the USA

Choose the Right Mat for Your Floor

Is your floor carpet or hard surface?

Chair mats for carpet are designed with a “gripper” backing that holds the mat in place. Hard floor mats are smooth or lightly textured on the underside to avoid damage to hard floor surfaces. Never use a “gripper” backed mat directly on hard floors or on an area rug over a hard floor surface.

What is your carpet pile depth?

Understanding your carpet pile depth is critically important to the performance of your chair mat. To determine the thickness of your carpet pile, place a penny on it’s edge down in the carpet pile (like measuring a tire tread). Example: If Lincoln’s chin is above the carpet pile, your carpet is 1/4″ or less.

Available Options:

Brand Style Width Length Thickness Floor Type Lip Dimension Material
Oculus Rectangle 36″ 48″ 0.06″ Hard Floor or Carpet N/A Polycarbonate
Oculus Rectangle 36″ 48″ 0.08″ Hard Floor or Carpet N/A Polycarbonate
Oculus Rectangle 36″ 48″ 0.118″ Hard Floor or Carpet N/A Polycarbonate
Oculus Rectangle 36″ 48″ 0.150″ Hard Floor or Carpet N/A Polycarbonate

Oculus Polycarbonate Chair Mats have a 1-year limited warranty against failure due to manufacturing defects. Warranty is limited to replacement of the defective mat only.   

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Protect any Flooring

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